01 April 2015

New in: March

Hi lovelies! In September I did some shopping and showed you the loot here. After that, I haven't been on a shopping spree for a while. I was getting tired of my clothes, because all of it is from Costes, where I work. Anyone who works in a clothing or shoe store can relate, haha. Last Saturday most stores gave a twenty percent discount because of Glamour day and I didn't want to pass that up! 

I met up with my sister Evita and second cousin Caroline. Whenever we get together there's a lot of eating involved, haha. We went to a restaurant and enjoyed a very unusual high tea with prosecco, oreo milkshakes, carpaccio sandwiches, brownies, mini burgers and cheesecake. The food was SO good.

After eating so much we could barely walk, my sister and I went on to go shopping. Because it was an hour and a half before closing time, we didn't get to all the stores we wanted to. So I did some online shopping when I got home. Let's see what I got!


Loose top (29,95)

Platform sandals (39,95)


Asymmetric top (14,99)

1. Lace top (12,99) 2. Kimono (19,99) 3. Shaping body (14,99)
4. Short necklace (4,99) 5. Superstretch trousers (19,99) 6. Sneaker socks (7,99)


Necklace (on sale for 3,95)

Besides the things I bought on Saturday, I also got myself a long coat in two colors and a cropped biker jacket a few weeks ago. I already kind of regret buying the mint green jacket.

Long waterfall coat - Local boutique. Beige (20,-) and wine red (15,-).

Faux leather biker jacket - The Sting (on sale for 19,95)

That's all I've bought this month! Is there an item you would like to have in your closet too?

Thank you so much for reading!
XO Adinda


  1. nice blogpost hunnie!!!

    1. Thank you, how sweet of you! I really appreciate it babe!

  2. Next time we're gonna shop all day, sis! ;-) You really got some treasures there!

    1. Yaaaasss ;D and thank you, sis!

  3. The top, the shoes: I'm in looooove!

    1. Great to hear you like them too, Rani! You have amazing style, so I'll take this as a compliment, haha.

  4. The beige coat looks soooo chic!

    Lauren xx | laurlauu


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