31 March 2015

Daily Dose of Gold

Good morning babes! Hope your day is off to a good start! I have a bad habit of snoozing my alarm. If I have to be at work at 9:00, I get out of bed at 8:40. Which leads to me panicking and running around the house like a chicken with no head. I forget to comb my hair or that one thing I should take with me or leave my lunch on the kitchen counter. Morning persons, I will never understand you.

Anyway, these shiny items make my disorganized morning routine just a little bit brighter.
First I put a few drops of oil serum into the ends of my hair. This one from Gliss Kur smells sooo good. If there's time, I'll do my make up at home. The eyeshadow palette has great pigment and a good variety in colors. It's actually a dupe for the Naked II palette from Urban Decay. I use a eyeshadow brush from ELF and blending brush from Sephora (not pictured). For face make up, I use these brushes from Real Techniques. Then I put on my jewelry: earrings, the rings and the Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet. The two perfumes are my favorites. I usually forget to apply perfume, so I keep the Gucci one in my bag. And out the door I go!

Clockwise: W7 In The Buff - Natural Nudes Eye Colour Palette / Gucci Guilty eau de toilette / Necklace: dogeared / Bow earrings: gifted / Rings: gifts from my boyfriend / Bracelet: Marc by Marc Jacobs / Initial earrings: Primark / Guess Seductive eau de toilette / Real Techniques buffing and contour brushes / Gliss Kur Ultimate Repair Everyday Oil Elixir

Thank you so much for reading!
XO Adinda


  1. It's nice to learn a bit more about your morning ritual! I like your eyeshadow palette a lot! It looks beautiful and practical (steady metallic box) at the same time. I might try Google to go and get one by myself, because I use to break all my plastic eyeshadow palettes haha

    1. Yes, you totally should! I take my make up with me to touch up during the day. My palette has survived multiple drops and the eyeshadows are still intact!

  2. Gliss Kur is the best, and love your jewelry!

    1. Thank you Rani, you're right! It works wonders for me :)


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