08 May 2014

adidas Originals x Farm SS14

While shopping with my boyfriend a few days ago, I came across the new adidas Originals x Farm collection. It's a collaboration of adidas Originals and Brazilian fashion label the Farm company. The result is a feminine, colorful collection in four different prints. The bright colors and tropical prints are right up my alley! Especially the blue track jackets with pineapple shaped flowers and the one with kaleidoscope effect are my faves.

Sports wear, or just sports, never really were my thing. Back in PE class, I was the kid who would catch the ball with her face or get picked last. Ah, the memories ;)  Now that the scars have faded (just kidding, I wasn't THAT big of a disaster) and this awesome collab popped up on my radar, I think I fell in love!

Left: Firebird Borboflor track jacket, € 70. Right: Firebird Frutaflor track jacket € 70.

What do you think of the collection? And which one is your favorite?

Thank you for reading!
XO Adinda

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  1. I heard about this collection before and it's indeed very beautiful! Makes me wanna buy it and act sporty haha


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