27 May 2014


Hi guys!

Last Friday, my cousin and I planned to take some outfit pics. It was a beautiful, sunny day. We went outside, found the perfect spot aaand it turned dark. The rain came out of nowhere. Feeling bummed out, we just took some shots in my living room. Better luck next time.

I feel bad about already neglecting the blog, since I just joined the blogging hype. In a few weeks I'll hopefully finish my thesis and I'll be able to update more frequently. If superpowers were real I would freeze time, because I really need it! Sadly, I don't have any special abilities and clock is ticking. I have to kick some serious butt!

Blazer: H&M / Top: Magnolia (bought in Jakarta) / Jeans: Costes / Shoes: Dolcis

Thank you for reading!
XO Adinda

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  1. ah pretty home, looks super cozy! You should do some home posts, I love reading them.



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