25 September 2014

The Hundred-Foot Journey

Hi sweeties! Here is what I wore yesterday. The long cardigan is the newest addition to my closet. I was looking for a long cardigan for a while now. When I ran into this one, I bought it in grey and green (my favorite color!). My dear friend Asta won two tickets for Ladies Night at the movie theater and took me with her :D
Previous Ladies Night we saw Sex Tape and before the showing, some male models hosted a lottery. Asta got lucky, haha. Anyway, we were a bit late and it was getting dark out, so we literally took 5 shots and walked to the cinema. 

The shown movie was The Hundred-Foot Journey, produced by Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey. We didn't expect too much of it - the trailer made it seem a tad boring - but we really LOVED the movie! 

It's about the Indian Kadam family who fled to Europe after their restaurant back in Mumbai was destroyed in riots after an election. They drove through Europe, sampling tomatoes everywhere, in search for the perfect spot to open a new restaurant. Eventually they strand in a pittoresque village in France. There the Kadam family restaurant has to 'battle' against a fancy Michelin star restaurant a cross the street.

The food in this movie is ah-mazing, I don't think I ever felt so intrigued by seeing someone cook. The slow motion kitchen scenes, the stirring, the preparing of the plates, the spices flying around... It made me wish taste TV excisted. And the cook, Hassan Kadam, was equally yummy looking, hihi! Go see this movie!

By the way, the pictures were taken in front of the apartment of someone very dear to me. I know he reads my blog and probably has recognized the backdrop in the pictures. So hi sweet and most fashionable uncle of mine :D

What I'm wearing
Cardigan: VILA / T-shirt: House of Luxury / Leggings: Soboho / Necklace: Primark / Boots: Sacha / Bag: Costes

Thank you so much for reading!
XO Adinda

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  1. The cardigan looks really fashionable and warm! :)


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